A Little About Me

With sisters 18 years her senior, L.J. fell in love with make up at an early age. Memories of watching her sisters transform as they got ready to go out stays strong on her mind as she creates her work.

She decided to pursue her hobby and make it her profession. She completed and graduated from Central State Beauty Academy with high regards and compliments from her fellow students and teachers as a licensed esthetician/makeup artist. Studied and mentored under direction of makeup artist Candace Cory and Shirley Lee gained a wealth of knowledge of the beauty industry. With a constant drive to continue education, in and out of state, this has helped to build on the talent that she has been blessed with. This pursuit lead her to Ms. Vanessa Evelyn, with whom she trained in New York; an experience that would change her life, her vision of the world, and her craft.

With an education in business and a strong foundation in professionalism, you can be assured that you will receive quality service with a quality attitude on each and every project.

Publications: Coming Soon